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7 ways you can take care of your garden

Having a garden in your compound gives you beautiful and attractive scenery. It provides you with the perfect relaxation place where you can enjoy with your family and friends. However, for you to maintain this beautiful and healthy garden, you need to take good care of it.

Here, therefore, are the gardening tips that you can employ in your garden.


Just like water is important to the animals, so it is the plants. Therefore, water is an essential commodity in your plants. The level of water intake in these plants differ. As such, you need to know your plant species and the water it requires.

It’s advisable to water plants early in the morning or in the evening. As this is the time when the soil is cooler. Watering the plants during the hot season is not recommended, as water will easily evaporate.

Additionally, you should water your plants gently to avoid damaging the soil and the leaves. In case you have planted the seeds, carefully sprinkle water on them.

You can opt for an irrigation system if you are that busy, this is efficient as it will be able to regulate the amount of water that gets into the plants. It’s eco-friendly, it ensures only the soil gets the water but not the leaves and saves water usage.

Lawn care

We have different types of soils and each needs a different type of care. These types of soils have different water-absorbing capabilities. Clay soil tends to absorb water slowly. Loam soil absorbs water easily and stores it for plants. Sandy soil is the poorest as it allows water to flow in it easily making it difficult for the plants to absorb it.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your lawn is protected from the hot water. The temperature should be maintained at 26ºC to help the plants grow. Any temperature above 30ºC will hinder its growth.

Additionally, your lawn requires regular watering. In this case, you can use 10-15 litres of water per square meter. For proper timing and regulation of water intake, drip irrigation is ideal.


Weeds compete with plants for nutrients and water. This competition can result in the death of plants. Weeds also can harbour pests and diseases that can harm the plants.

To avoid this, you need to plant beds densely to ensure that there is no space available for weeds to sprout. Mulching is also an effective way of controlling weed growth.

If the weeds are already grown, you will have no choice but to uproot them carefully.

Furniture and structures

Patios, tables, chairs, fountains, desks, etc. are the types of furniture and structures that you will mostly find in the garden. They require a different type of care because they are made of different materials.

Generally, they are required to be kept dry because they are prone to damage during wet seasons. Also, you need to do regular checkups on fences, sheds, and gates for any signs of rotting. Repair any part that is affected to avoid further damage.

Pest and disease control

Plants in your garden easily are killed by pests and, preventing them is very critical. Some of the pests are attracted by weeds. This can be easily controlled by removing the weeds in your garden.

Installing barriers and traps is another method you can use to avoid larger pests. If your garden is already infested with pests, the appropriate pesticide should be used to flush them out.

Diseases like white rust, bacterial leaf spot, etc., are caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses. To prevent fungal diseases, you need to stop overwatering your garden. Bacterial and viral ones can be prevented by cleaning and pruning tools.

Plant care

If you want your plants to grow healthier, here are some of the things that you need to do;

Thin and cull, Mulching, Stocking, Deadheading, Sunlight and shade, Use clean tools

Winter care

Cold temperatures are not very favourable weather conditions for your garden. You need to take measures to protect your garden.

Make sure you do clipping to your plants to keep them clean, and put garden beds to sleep. Whether you’re looking for basic garden services like watering and mowing, someone to plant artificial grass in your lawn, or landscaping companies in Dubai contact four seasons today.