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Sanitize Your Swimming Pool

Sanitize Your Swimming Pool

Cleaning the pool is not that easy and mainting the hygiene, keeping away from the insects and unwanted dust takes lots of time, knowledge and efforts. When cleaning your pool, you frequently follow some normal strategy. Thusly, pool cleaning is diminished to playing out various standard errands. While this won’t be an issue in the short run, we all things considered encourage you to routinely focus on the accompanying when cleaning the pool.

And if your swimming pool design consists of pebbles. Plaster or mosaic than it is very important to keep it clean. Keep your mosaic, tile, pebble, or plaster finish in sparkling and strong. Devote time every week to removing debris, vacuuming, brushing the pool, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, and chemically treating the water.

you can hire the professionals to this task for you that can save you lot of time, money and efforts. It is advised that one should clean the pool atleast once a week but it also depends on the overall use of the swimming pool.

Here are 22 quick Tips and Tricks to sanitize your swimming pool and keep it clean

  1. Before going for cleaning the pool firstly you should be familiar with the alkalinity and pH levels of your pool. The alkalinity of water is directly proportional to water’s pH. If the pH level of your pool’s water is high then the alkalinity is higher. So it is always compulsory to maintain the alkalinity of the pool.
  2. Remove as much debris from the bottom of the pool as possible using a leaf rake or leaf eater.
  3. Use powdered or liquid chlorine, depending on which is cheaper where you are.
  4. Cleaning the pool edge is frequently delayed, in light of the fact that it is a work concentrated and tedious errand. It is essential to normally set aside some effort to deliberately clean the pool fringe.
  5. Cleaning the filter is extremely important in summer, particularly during monsoon season when dust storms and heavy winds hit the area. A clean pool can turn green in a day. Black algae can be a nightmare to remove between tile and from the plaster.
  6. A lot of soil particles will develop on and in the pool spread. To expel these and keep up the presence of the move deck, you should set aside the effort to completely clean the pool spread.
  7. Discharging the pool channel is a flat out essential. Without a discharge the channel can obstruct.
  8. If you own a bit of money to invest in, look at buying a robot vacuum cleaner that will wash the bottom of the swimming pool to you. Besides skimming sanitize your swimming pool, you will need to wash both the surfaces of the swimming pool to avoid.
  9. When you can get them, the large discs in the floater is a easy way to get through the week, then check chemicals on the weekend and balance with a simple test strip.
  10. Learn how to read or understand the color of the water. If it starts to get cloudy (probably after a rain), shock it before it gets serious. If it starts to turn greenish, do the same, or add an algicide.
  11. People will tell you to run the pump/filter at least 8 hours a day. Really not necessary. I run mine 2 to 4 hours if I’m in town. If not, it gets about 4 hours on the 3 days a week that my guy comes in.
  12. Remember to clean the pool filter.
  13. Make sure no one goes swimming in street clothes or sweating.
  14. Make sure babies wear swimming type diapers.
  15. Brush the edges and floor each week.
  16. Vacuum as needed. Mine currently is 3 times a week, but I’ve had pools in areas where daily was necessary.
  17. Back flush sand filters or wash paper cartridges whenever they get to the pressure differential recommended by the manufacturer.
  18. Allow the pool to circulate turning the valve so that you are pulling from the main drain as well as the skimmers. 
  19. Try to find out if there is any leak, which may have been causing this low water level.
  20. Brushing the sides, tile, and steps to ensure all debris and algae get put towards the filtering process.
  21. Some people use pool covers but these can be more trouble than they are worth, very expensive and difficult to maintain. But if you wish do the same thing, try ordering the best quality of pool cover.

Hope this article helps and gives you the clean and amazing swimming experience!